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Hoping she would have made Erma Bombeck proud, Nancy writes about her everyday life with an openness, wit and humor that keeps readers wanting more. As she explains, “Everyone has issues, why not laugh about them.” Join her as she shares her love of family, nature, wildlife and laughter, in this personal keepsake.  

As a child, Nancy’s family frequented their country home in Pennsylvania. Playing in a river with her sisters, roaming 45 acres with friends, hiking the waterfall for a perfect spot to picnic: all were weekend activities her hometown peers were not privy to. This was her childhood backyard. Memories of these days filter into many of her stories. ‘A Race for My Life!’ is one example. What began as father/daughter together time, ended up an exhilarating life lesson.

Being immersed in the country at such a young age, garnered an appreciation and respect for all creatures. Any opportunity to connect with nature is welcomed. Living on Long Island enables her to frequent local preserves, including Nickerson Beach. Quiet in the evening, when crowds have dispersed, she has walked this shoreline to re-connect. From time to time, nature puts on its own show. Sometimes, all we can do is witness, teetering between helpless and hopeful. Her story, ‘What the Flock?’ describes one such evening. 

A good portion of The Creature Feature is dedicated to Toots, an adorable Lab/Pointer mix. Toots joined the Lopez family in 2008, when she was rescued from the local animal shelter. Though initially reluctant to adopt, Nancy grew to love and cherish Toots. From the moment she was brought home, to almost loosing her to illness, to learning to live together in harmony, Toots connected with each and every family member. It’s hard for any of them to imagine life without her. 

From poetic prose, to good old-fashioned story time tales, Nancy captures nostalgia anew, bringing humor and richness to everyday situations.


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The Creature Feature – Table of Contents



Mishmash Memories

A Race for My Life!

Oh Deer?!

The Day Satan Went Nuts!

Something’s Fishy

The Dog Bit!

Mommy is Such a Sap!


Meet Toots

It Begins

What Have I Done?!

I’ve Lost My Mind!

Growling, She Made Her Mark

Messages from Above and Beyond

The Puppy Roller Coaster Ride

It’s Hospital Time

Guess What? All is Well!


Poor Toots!

It’s Not That Kind of Love!

All is Not Well

Snow Days

Toot Toot, Toots!

Animal King Dumb

Blizzard Wormholes

Toots and the Tornado

Puppy Love

The Birds & The Bees (sort of)

The Power of Scabies

Mommy’s Buggin’


What is That?!

Woodpecker Hell

Life is for the Birds

Mary Moth

What the Flock?


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