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Time for a nature walk!

A lone cormorant, enjoying his fishy feast in a secluded watery-nook.  No ripples, as the wind does not reach the surface – thanks to marsh grass growing tall along the shoreline.  Rich earth is hidden by high tide, as slender wiry reeds gently bend their tips, swaying to even the tenderest of breezes.  Vibrant greens are now mixed with yellows, ambers and browns – a telltale sign that autumn is on its way.  The crisp blue sky accents this real life watercolor portrayal.

With an outstretched neck, the tip of a yellow, sharply hooked bill illuminates as it kisses the sun-ray beaming just over the grass reeds.  A perfect circular eyeball peers at me – he sees me watching him.  Seconds before he was safe in his underwater world.  Now his task of fishing abandoned for me.  He must have been under water for a while – there was no sign he was there until he broke through the glassy surface.  {I am always amazed at how long birds can hold their breath, and how effortless they glide through waters.}

Like a miracle birth, from an inky well, ebony plumage emerged.  Glistening with wetness, he looked weighted to the water.  His head – then his shoulders – followed by a dripping set of wings – rose from concealed darkness. 

Water may roll off a ducks back... but his feathers were drenched through and through.  (Cormorants do not have the ability to stay dry – their dives would be hampered by air bubbles and buoyancy.)

It was mere seconds before he decided to leave.  {Although on the path, I was too close for his comfort.}

Water droplets rippled ringlets from his body – then wingtips – and finally his webbed feet, as they successfully attempted to walk run on water.

{I wish I had captured a photo!  It all happened too fast. 🙁  You’ll have to settle for my mental notes. :)}

As for the rest of my nature walk at the Marine Nature Study Area, here are a few of my favorites shots.  🙂  The rest can be viewed by clicking here -> More Photos  Love to All!  XO  (…and if you haven’t had enough of my nature musings, you can click here – Natur-ally)

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