Monthly Archives: January 2015

I live here! WTH?!

Note to Self!! Strange man in house is not strange man… it is your son, home from Germany! Screaming as you round the corner from the dining room to the kitchen – when you see someone snooping in the refrigerator


I’m going in a Nursing Home

Walking on inclines are a pain.  Charlee was ahead of me, heading for the van.  I could see her hurrying, she didn’t have her coat and it was cold out.  Her gait was choppy, as she was walking downhill. (Seriously


Flaming Bacon

I slept in Monday morning.  Actually, all day Sunday I didn’t move from the couch.  Just felt exhausted.  I would have slept longer, but was awakened by something burning.  That said, I didn’t hear fire alarms, and no one was