What can I say……… a lot apparently.  😉

I write because I have to.  I share to complete the process… (Seriously, I think I would go loopy if I didn’t write.)

I am fairly quiet in person – though my hubby would beg to differ – and have a difficult time functioning in busy, noisy environments.  (I’ve enough ‘noise’ in my own head, thank-you-very-much…)

Organizing my thoughts to get a story or point across can be a feat… until my fingers hit the keyboard.  Then I am ‘plugged in’ and very ‘talkative.’

I find paper (or my computer screen) to be far more patient than any person I know.

Many a difficult ordeal has been ‘salvaged’ by righting writing… Many a tall tale spun from the minute moments of daily grind – or worse, a dreadful day.  I love to find the funny, expand upon the brilliance of ‘sweet nothings,’ make the ordinary extraordinary!   After all, isn’t life about the moments between nothing and everything?

One of my biggest fears is that when I get old I won’t remember… or I’ll only remember the sad stuff. (Watched it happen to three family members.)

So here I sit, thought-full… typing…. letter by letter, word by word, story by story… Just little-ol-me saving my life…..

~ Nancy