Frank – One Year Later

A little over a year ago, life could have drastically changed.  A little over a year ago – life did drastically change.

It was a day in which Frank became a little less Peter Pan, and a little more pan – as in pancake – flat on his back – after landing on his head!  (In case you missed the ‘fun,’ you can read about it here – Life Almost Got Real Short)

For the most part, Frank has stayed off ladders.  Alex has become the go-to person for any balance or height related tasks.  (All that skateboarding has paid off – he has impeccable balance and leg strength.)  However, Alex was in Germany for the summer – and Frank insisted on getting back upon the ladder to clean a clogged gutter…  

Watching him climb, my heart raced.  I fired off every ‘be-safe’ plea I could muster – then had no choice, but to resolve myself to the fact that, Frank is going to do what he is going to do.  “You know, Frank, the problem is, you think you can fly!”  Pacing, I was clearly annoying him with my ‘unnecessary nervousness’ and chattering. Without missing a beat, he responded, “I CAN fly!  It’s the landing that’s become the problem.”

Ha.  Ha.  Ha.  The man is a comedian. {Not!} That said, you will all be happy to know that Frank was/is fine.  He went up and down the ladder without issue – the gutters were cleaned – no longer a mosquito breeding area – he is back to being his old functional self.

(I guess the ‘trick’ is not attempting to use a chainsaw while on a ladder.)  {Go figure.}  (Regardless, next year I’m scheduling the lawn guys to address those gutters before there’s another issue.  Already marked the calendar.)

Once the backyard work was completed, we began addressing the front.  Our neighbor – the same long time friend/neighbor that was here on that fateful day – was passing by.  (Funny, if I were him I would never drive past our house again… and I would especially steer clear on yard work days.) 

I often think back to the choice this poor man had – help the guy laying on the ground that insisted he was ‘fine!’ or the girl that was frantic, oscillating between anger and outright panic.  {I could not understand HOW Frank was still alive?!  Beyond thankful that he was conscious, part of me wanted to pummel him for being so damn pigheaded.}

Rather than drive by, my neighbor pulled in our driveway.  Stepping out of the van, he waved to us and said, “I got something I think you’ll appreciate.”  Walking towards the back of his van, signaling for us to follow, “You’re welcome to borrow it anytime.”  Opening the hatch, he began pulling out a long pole – – attached on the end – a mini-chainsaw.  Frank laughed, as he continued explaining, “No seriously, {attempting to dissuade Frank’s laugher} THIS is what you use when cutting high branches!”  {Emphasizing each word, as he pointed alternately between the long extension, and the blunted remainder of offending tree limbs…}

Frank nodded mischievously, “I can borrow that??”   

“Yes!”  My neighbor, momentarily thrilled, thinking he struck upon an agreeable solution, “As long as you stay off ladders.”

Frank looked at the tool, then began surveying the tree, “Wow, that’s great.  I bet I can get way up there!”  {Pointing to a limb about 20 feet overhead.}  “Between that {pointing to the chainsaw} and a ladder, I could even get…” {Searching the out-of reach limbs…}

My neighbor didn’t allow him to finish – throwing his hands up, he let out a desperate groan.  Frank continued looking for high branches in ‘need’ of trimming, “…and if I put the ladder IN the bed of the truck, I could even get…” {Pointing to a limb about 30 feet overhead.}

At this point, my long time friend/neighbor began chastising – no prompting from the peanut gallery (a.k.a. me) needed.  “Frank, if you go up there again, {shaking his head in frustrated exacerbation} I’ll come back here and kill you myself!”

Ha.  Ha.  Ha.  We all had a good laugh.  Peter Pan has not lost his sense of humor.  (Blessing counted!! :))

So here we are, a year later.  (Hard to believe.)  Frank still busts his ass at work.  (I don’t think they even remember what he went through.)  At home, he is still Dennis-the-Menace.  I am back to yelling at him for – still – leaving his dishes and shoes lying around.  

Of course, reality bit.  We know he is not invincible – though you’d be hard pressed to convince him otherwise(And it does appear that he has a stash of fairy dust someplace…) 

Much to his chagrin, more watchful eyes have descended upon him.  

(A cute example:  He and Charlee take turns choosing musical venues to attend.  Near and FAR.  {They traveled to Massachusetts to see Varsity Vocals, an Acappella sing off.  Twice.} The most recent, was a rock concert in Central Park.  Charlee gave Frank strict orders to stay out of any Mosh Pits!  LOL  And, yes, he was watched over by teenagers…)

I feel time.  The pages of life are turning.  One by one, new chapters are unfolding… and I am SO THANKFUL that Frank is back to FRANK!  (Good for him!  I would have it no other way!)

{I think…. lol}