Flaming Bacon

I slept in Monday morning.  Actually, all day Sunday I didn’t move from the couch.  Just felt exhausted.  I would have slept longer, but was awakened by something burning.  That said, I didn’t hear fire alarms, and no one was screaming warnings to leave the building… so I just laid there under my warm blankets.

Soon enough the house quieted down. Charlee went off to school, Frank off to work.  I rolled myself out of bed around 7:30-8 a.m. to start the day.  (A far cry from my typical 4:30-5 a.m. starts.)

Chatting with Charlee after school, I questioned the burning smell.  

She said, ‘Yeah! {insert ‘attitude’ face} Dad!’ snickering, He opened my door and a BIG puff of black smoke came in my room. He says, ‘Hey, I think I burnt your bacon a little.’  {insert ‘really?!’ face}  A little?!?  He set it on fire!”

To be clear, we’re talking about Veggie Bacon.  It typically takes about a minute in the toaster oven.  That’s 3/4’s of a turn on the toaster dial.  Veggie Sausage takes two full turns, which is what Daddy thought he was supposed to do.  Well…. that plan went awry.  (Though he gets credit for trying.)  Before he knew it, the toaster oven was overflowing with flames.  Black smoke billowed out – and when he tried to open the door to see what was going on, our little toaster oven threatened a towering inferno. (So sorry I missed all that…) {Not! ;)} 

Ah yes… breakfast at the Lopez household.  Come over any time.  Mommy will be under her covers. 

{PS – all is well… Frank’s eyebrows are in tact, as is the house.  Charlee was properly fed. Mommy is feeling quite rested. (Well… sort of…) And the toaster oven?  Yeah, uh… it’s toast.} 

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