My Sudoko Life

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.  ~Theodore Roosevelt

The idea of the game is to fill in the blank cells based on the unchangeable information provided. The goal is to have numbers 1 through 9 appear only once within each row. A few missing answers will present themselves quite obviously. As they do fill them in accordingly.  You can logic a few additional answers by scanning for the obvious missing numbers… but for those not obvious, you must begin trouble shooting.

Available options may present into answers once surrounding cells are filled in and the other possibilities are exhausted – a process of elimination if you will.  For the answers that do not show themselves forthright and immediately, you can jot ‘possibilities’ or ‘ideas’ in the blank unanswerable spaces – in pencil – for later consideration.  These notes can be adjusted as new information presents and unfolds. A natural progression plays out. Final determinations do not need – nor can they be – completed right away.

Remember to apply logic identify possibilities as you go along – eliminate what you come to know will not work – mark notes and reminders in pencil to allow for adjustments – its okay to if you get stuck, just continue to refocus on the issues you can address.

Once you have solved the obvious, it is quite possible that the next workable choice will reveal, and even possible that everything will fall into place. By continuing with this approach, progress picks up momentum.

Such is life. Hence, my play on words – sometimes we just need to Sudoko Life.  In shortDo what you can, while you can, so when solutions and opportunities do present themselves (and they will) you will be able to not only see them clearly, but act on them.

Of course, if all else fails… you can always play Sudoko. A mental break may be in order. 😉

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