Puppy Love

In honor of National Doggie Day 🙂

Early riser that I am – I’m up and about even before the dog.  Poor thing is used to me traipsing down the stairs, eager to push that button on my trusty coffee pot.  If she could talk, she would surely offer a beseeching ‘not again.’ (Actually I think I heard her try.)

I’ve learned in these wee hours that there are many faces to my Toots.  She makes a perfect groggy, one-eyed you’ve-got-to-be-kidding-me frown.  That is, if I’ve managed to have woken her softly.  However, if I have startled her – like by turning on the living room lights – and forgetting to dim them first – she gives me a perfect evil-eyed scowl, once she has gotten past the painful squinting phase.  She sometimes rolls her eyes (I swear) and then, unsteadily, changes her sleepy curled up body to a better position – one that better averts the glare of kitchen lights. 

Many times (thankfully) she’s quite un-phased by my early morning entrance.  She barely opens an eye, only enough to check if it’s me – which she knows it is – cause no other sane human being in this household is up this ridiculously early.  (Seriously, I wish I could sleep!)  I start the coffee pot and she does not move from her slumber.  

Some mornings, when I am feeling particularly limber, I make my way to the floor and join her in her bean bag.  Wagging her tail, she moves just enough to give me snuggle room, and unknowingly her warmed spot.  She does a quick sniff of my morning breath – which somehow does not kill her – and we snuggle until my coffee is done.  

This mornings greeting was sweet.  I sat on the couch as my coffee brewed.  Upon seeing me, Toots forced her body out of the bean bag.  Normally there is a moment of rousing puppy yoga – that flawless downward dog, immediately followed by upward dog – but not this morning.  Struggling against still sleeping limbs she greeted me.  Her stiffness painfully visible, and yet she was determined to be with me.

I knew why…  Yesterday she spent a great part of the day on her own.  We were gone most of the morning – came home for a short time to let her out – then left again for a few more hours.  (She was SO good – no mess in the house – nothing broken – and then so happy to see us.  She is truly the perfect pooch.)  

I wish at this moment, that I could turn back time – just a little – so I could greet her with a snuggle in her bean bag, but she was already on her way.  I did what I could to ease her – massaged her warm furry head, around her downy soft ears, under her collar – where her favorite scratch-me zone was.  

Putty in my hands, her eyes radiated Puppy Love – so pure and clear.  I truly felt her heart, just from her gaze. (It was palpable.)  She loves her family.  She is family.  She is loved right back!

It is moments like this that revoke my threats of puppy probation… even if she pokes those holes in my screens and won’t stop shredding my window shades… I decided right now, right this second, she is perfect.  

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