Sleep – What Sleep?!

* Another oldie, written 01/15/2010 after a night with no sleep.  I dug it out to share after Frank took to sleeping with friends on trains. 😉

 Sleep.  How appropriate the subject – as it is 2 a.m. and I can’t get back to sleep.

Today Charlee wanted to know if I ever had to be woken by an ‘alarm.’  (Emphasis on the word alarm)  I chuckled at her loaded question… you see, Charlee has been trying to figure out how to ‘deal’ with this box that sits by her bed.  The one that jars her awake every morning – relentlessly!  No matter how she pleads with it, it keeps on beeping until she gives it the attention it needs.  In her slumber, she fumbles around trying to hit the snooze button.  She can never find it.  How many times have I had to reprogram the entire settings, because my little cherub took hold of the only thing she knew would work – the cord.  Her hands wrap around the wire, and with one big yank, she rips it right out of the wall.  With the life line of the beast removed, she collapses back into her pillow in blessed quietness… and right back to sleep she goes.

Charlee - my sleeping angel.

Charlee – my angel, at about 2 years old.

The problem – I can never get this kid out of bed.  I might have to resort to moving the clock across the room.  (That would suck!)  I would hate to have to run out of bed to quiet the noise… and I fear that my morning maiden will fling the noise maker out into the yard.

But… for now, the clock sits by her bed, and every morning she slaps, slaps, slaps to find the snooze button.

‘It’s so annoying Mom.  I want a clock that works!  One that when you PUNCH it, it SHUTS UP!’  Clearly her frustration was shining through.  I have to work on the wake up routines, before the clock is mutilated.  And yes, I wake her from a distance.

Then there’s Alex, who has taken to falling asleep on the school bus.  Thankfully, his stop is last.  The driver calls out loudly ‘Clark’ for the street they are at.  Hence, Alex has been nicknamed ‘Clark.’  As the driver waited, for the kid that he knew had entered the bus… to exit the bus… he realized the kid was sleeping.  LOUD and clear he bellowed, CLARK!’  jarring Alex from his slumber SO much that he reflex bolted, straight up into standing.  Alex’s limbs had not yet gotten the ‘everybody up’ notice – nor his unfocusing red eyes.  The driver laughed as he watched him try to appear alert, ‘What!? OK! OK!’  He held the seat in front of him for stability – except for the moment he needed his hand to wipe the drool from his cheek.   

It was nice of the driver to wait – although who could drive when you’re laughing that hard…

Blood made its way back into his rubbery legs as he wobbled past the grinning bus driver.  ‘I fell asleep.’  The driver nodded an ‘I know’ nod with a somewhat sheepish grin.  Clearly this was news to no one.  Alex tried to rub the reddened window imprint from his face, as they both broke into laughter.

Alex would fall asleep in his high chair.  I didn't have the heart to wake him, so I propped him with a pillow.

Alex would fall asleep in his high chair. I didn’t have the heart to wake him, so I propped him with a pillow.

Now to Frank… who had the unlucky pleasure of standing the entire train ride home.  Alex chided him.  ‘Awwww… you didn’t get your little nap…’  Frank bantered back.  ‘I still got it.  I just had to do it standing.’  Alex laughed in disbelief, but Frank insisted, ‘I’m serious!‘  He went over to an open area to demonstrate.  With his back to the wall, he angled his legs just so, straightening them rigidly to brace his weight, then folded his arms so they hooked in place.  Alex laughed ‘Are you kidding?!’  Frank pretended to sleep, ‘No.  The only problem is my head bobs around {he wobbled his head in an exaggerated bumpy-train-ride demonstration} and when the train jerks, my legs buckle.  I have to keep myself from falling.  Everybody looks at me…’  When he demonstrated the ‘buckling legs,’ I couldn’t help my laughter, I had to chime in… ‘Ya Think?!!!  You must be a sight.’   ‘Yup’ he bantered back with defiant confidence.

Frank does not care what anybody thinks, as long as he gets his nap.  He has snored – loudly – on many occasions… it’s safe to say drooled as well. {Probably where Alex gets it from}  Quite often he has his own seat… no need to ask why.  There are a few regulars that have even woken him at his stop.  (Ahhhh, home away from home.:) 

Although, there was this one time… No one woke him – and I mean no one.  He must have been sleeping so soundly (can you imagine?) through everyone exiting the train.  The last – LAST – stop.  The doors closed and the train was moved from the track.  He had no way off.  The only reason he woke was because the conductor was talking over the speaker to another worker on the train… about how they were going back to the yard.  (Meaning the train yard!)

I still get hysterical as I envision Frank banging on windows to get noticed, trying unsuccessfully to pry open doors, running from car to car in search of a human to release him.  Imagine the surprise of the conductor as this frazzled, stumbling, red-eyed man appears out of nowhere – probably with a reddened window print or two imbedded on his face – maybe even some drool.  I am sure they were more than glad to let him off the train.

I am coming to the close of this story.  You should know that it’s now 4:44 a.m…… and yes, I am writing because I cannot sleep.  (Aren’t you lucky?!?)  

That being said, this story would not be complete unless every member of the house is included.  So who’s left?  Well, Toots, of course.

Frank had fallen asleep on the living room couch.  Toots was in her cage for the night. (Her choice – it’s her cubby – the door is always wide open.)  I could hear him snoring from the next room, even over my typing – then suddenly there was quiet.  (I long for quiet moments.)  “Oh peace at last –– exhaustion, but at least quiet.’’  (How is it that I only seem to get peace and quiet between 2 and 5 a.m.!?)  Within moments the silence was broken.  Frank called out, What you doin’?’’

I stopped typing. ‘Is he up?’  No one in this house is ever up at this hour – except me.  I went in the living room to see.  There was Frank – sleeping – and running in place – and still talking… or rather cooing as if to a baby, or in this case puppy.  “Ooohhh, oggie, boogie, moogie, shmogie, woo.  What you doin’’?  Come over here.  Oggie, boogie.’’

Who knows what he was dreaming about?  Poor Toots.  She was starring at this ‘sleeping’  man, calling to a fictitious someone.  Her head was tilted to the side in exhausted wonderment, as she tried to figure out if it was her he wanted?  Is it time for a pet??  Even she was too tired.  Frank quieted down and fell back to peaceful sleep….

I dare say, story time is over for tonight.  I just finished my Chamomile tea – it is time for me to steal an hour of shut eye.

* Props to Frank for the feature photo.  He took it early one morning – back in the days when I could sleep. (Many years ago…) I was not happy with him when I heard the click.  (Seriously, the man cannot be trusted with a camera…)  He was taken by the way the sun cast across my face.  (I got over it.)

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