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I Vacuumed the Dog

Puppy Love

Toot Toot Toots!

The Guy With The Jack

Happy Mother’s Day to me!!

Ladies beware… of those musical motives.

It’s a bird…It’s a plane…It’s a Jet Blue Crew

Rainy days with Mrs. Jones  3/15/15

I live here!  WTH?!  1/26/15

I’m going in a Nursing Home  1/26/15

Flaming Bacon  1/26/15

I Vacuumed the Dog  12/18/14

Life Lessons from Frank’s Broken Neck  12/18/14


Sleep – What Sleep?!

Sleep – What Sleep?!  12/18/14

Train ‘friends’  12/17/14

Sympathy is not on the shopping list!  12/17/14

Hospital Update for Frank  12/17/14


Life almost got REAL short

Life almost got REAL short  12/17/14

Bucket List Surprise  12/02/2014

A Bird Attack on Halloween  11/20/2014

Prompted by a Porthole  11/14/2014

Time for a nature walk!  10/04/2014


Super Moon – Super Night!

Super Moon – Super Night!  08/12/2014

For Those Who Dare to Dare  07/28/2014

Voyeur in Central Park  06/13/2014

Dawn Delight  03/28/2014

My Sudoko Life  03/28/2014

An Angel – Armed with a Butterfly and Pliers – Saved My Life  07/13/2014


Messages from Above and Beyond

Messages from Above and Beyond  02/07/2014

Dad Whittled Away  02/07/2014

Ass Over Teakettle Requires Underwear!  02/02/14


The Squirrel Man and his Nuts

The Squirrel Man and his Nuts  01/28/2014

The Bronx Zoo, a Turtle, and some Triple-L  01/24/2014

Triple-L (a.k.a. Lazy Lopez Luck)  01/22/2014

Rainbow pizzazz and perfectly stoned.  11/18/2013

Shot in the City  11/16/2013

Mrs. Capotosto  11/12/2013

Mourning has come… 11/02/2013

Tornado Trauma… almost… 10/17/2013

Remembering 9/11 – 09/11/2013