Tornado Trauma… almost…

I’m sitting at my computer trying to get some editing done. My mother’s book is pressing, thanks to publishers and deadlines…. Everyone just left the house… and the noise and commotion with it as well.  

A window of opportunity opened, sending me racing to my computer to plow through another chapter… I sat reading – as the wind howled outside the other open window.  Being upstairs allows for a treetop landscape. The big oak in my backyard, and the one towering over my garage, offers an Earthy melody.  At the present moment, however, it was not the typical gentle leafy crackle – those ‘Easy Listening’, a-la-naturale maracas were being tested… it was more like bend-the-branches-to-see-how-much-they-can-take-before-they-snap ‘Swing’… or ‘Rock‘.. Somehow it still was soothing to me.  I love storms… and it appears we are going to get one.

I let the repetitious lull of bustling breezes white out any populous noise.  Into the pages and poetic rhyme I sank…. {This is going to be great – I thought – though I wished for a cup of tea to magically appear by my side… can’t risk loosing the editing time… soon the house will be filled with a different kind of noise… and people…. stay focused Nanc…} This lasted, until the cries of a wayward dog became cause for my attention… I heard it whimpering for a bit, but paid it no mind. Their are two huge dogs in the area that are often carrying on and barking. One goes on for hours and hours.  A hound dog no less… his doleful howling resonates throughout the neighborhood.  Some days I feel sorry for him… some I want to send him to a vet to have his vocal cords removed… Today I was feeling sad for him.

Still, I’ve too much to catch up on… it is essential that I stay focused and on task… which I managed to do – until a gust of wind demanded my attention. {So proud of myself up until this moment, usually I get distracted…} The winds really picked up, and I spun towards the windows to watch the tree tops react. Heaving, like grass in a field, all the neighborhood trees bent in unison to the breath of Mother Natures great gusts. The shimmer of leafy green was mute however, as the skies out of the blue turned black. In fact, all colors of the rooftops and treetops suddenly dulled… What became more lively and intense was the dog. He was now becoming frantic. Poor dog…

At that very moment the phone rang. It was Frank, calling to tell me his cell received a tornado warning ALERT. Geez… I can’t say I was surprised… the trees were now whipping into a furious tizzy. ‘Natural’ order was gone.


on a cute day.

The poor dog was getting more present in my mind – it was now fully frantic – yelping and whimpering… So much so, that I mentioned it to Frank… and just as I did, the sky shifted… “Wow?!” it took me by surprise.  “Yeah, it’s crazy out here too, but the tornado is not supposed to be in Nassau, it’s…”  In the middle of his sentence, I heard a tell tale sign at the back door.  Toots!!?!!  The tell TAIL sign of MY DOG when she wants to come in… and SHE was frantic.  I could hear her throwing her body on the glass, toe nails clacking, crying in an all out wailing puppy fit.

“OMG!! Frank I gotta go! {click!!} That was TOOTS crying all this time!?!??”  Yup, I hung up mid-sentence… leaping out of my all-too-focused-what-are-you-crazy-mind! chair and RAN… down the stairs as fast as I could get my old body to run down stairs… {These days a feat…} That shift in the sky, was the gateways opening.  Buckets of rain were emptying from the blackness that hung over our little yard. {it might as well have been just our yard…} Yelling all the way, “I’m COMING ToOoOoT S !!!”  my feet could not move fast enough. Toots was WAILING with every bit of puppy verbiage she could think of – I never heard her howl… with the torrents of rain literally upon, she was now HOWLING… my poor puppy was going berserk! “TOOTS I’M HERE – T O O T S !”  I called to her from the side door…

{Okay… so my awesome puppy was abiding by the ‘new rules.’ You see, instead of entering the house through the glass sliders, which enter into Alex’s bedroom, we have been bringing her in through the side door. This way we minimize the mess on the rug, and Alex gets some much needed teenage privacy… So much for that ‘genius’ plan?!! The strength of those sliders were being sorely tested…}

I had the side door opened and was shouting to get her attention – but she couldn’t hear me over the thrashing of the trees… and the wind… and the rain… and her own cries… “TOOTS! T O O T S !!!”

Caught in her fright – still throwing herself on the sliding glass doors – I had no choice but to run out into the teeming yard.  Waving my arms and yelling, she finally saw me. {I don’t think she actually heard the calls…} She bolted towards me in an awkward crawling run, as if she could hide, or avoid the immense rain drops buckets that were bombarding her… looking to the skies, as if to predict where the next assault was coming from – and – more importantly – could she outsmart or out maneuver them?!?  This ‘Plan’* was clearly the last ‘viable’ option, and lasted but a second…

(* Plan A – the side door. – Plan B – bark and whimper at the side door…. – Plan C – proceed to the old and tried back sliding glass doors. – Plan D – throw yourself on said doors and start howling… – Plan E – bob and weave – duck and cover…. Aw – the heck with this! Plan F – as in RUN F this!) 

She barreled past me, almost knocking me over as I scrambled to open the side door. {Serves me right…}  {and yes, I too, attempted to run between the sheets of rain… it seemed near possible. We were no doubt an entertaining sight…} We both stood on the landing soaked! Toots’ fur held the wetness like a waterlogged sponge.

I could see the dialogue on her face… “What the heck was that?!” {looking wide-eyed, out the side door window} “How could you leave me out there?!!” {staring me eye-to-eye} “I am NEVER going outside again!!” {blinking droplets off her furrowed brow, first the white-lashed eye and then its dark-lashed twin} “Thank God you got me… I almost died!”  Panting, she came to terms with the fact that she was going to live… “Phew!” and more importantly – that I did not abandon her…

{Ok, I had a human-brain-cramp moment… but I’m ‘back’ now…}

Her next words might as well have been “Now get OUT the way… I needa shake!” because she basically unleashed all those buckets from the sky all over my side door landing and kitchen floor!  I went through half a roll of paper towels trying to dry her off.  Whatever I was not able to sop up, was finished by my living room rug.

{Thanks Toots – not.} 

{Yeah, yeah… I know, serves me right…}

Toots has forgiven me… I think the rest of you should too. 🙂

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