Triple-L (a.k.a. Lazy Lopez Luck)

We have absolutely no idea how this anomaly happens… I am almost scared to talk about this because I do NOT want to jinx this blessing away. What I will say, is that my darling husband is the luckiest SOB if ever!  Maybe it’s his positive attitude or outlook. {Okay, I am rolling my eyes… 😉 } Maybe God is gracing him to make up for all the crap he lived through. {This I could believe} Maybe he has a lucky rabbit’s foot {Though how lucky could it actually be? Poor Rabbit.} tucked somewhere we don’t know about…. Who knows?!

All we do know, is that when Frank is at the wheel we always find a parking spot – no matter how crowded the lot… a wonderful job opportunity lands in his lap – on the very day unemployment runs out (and yes, he was looking all along.) His vision is miraculously getting better – even after suffering a stroke in his eye…  twice!

This New Year’s Eve he graciously took the kids into Manhattan to see the ball drop {a daring events for any person much less a 70 year old with a bad knee} even after hearing that all entrances were being closed at 3 o’clock. The kids were stressed waiting for him to be able to leave work. Somehow he made it home by 3:07… I was able to get them all to the train by 3:15… so they could catch the 3:22. {No easy feat} Once in Manhattan every police officer directed them towards the next gate. Entrance after entrance was closed. {Sad face – very disappointed kiddies…}

{Oh… Please… Have you been listening to anything I’ve been saying?!}

Triple-L baby!  Rabea just called to inform me I was right. I told her before they left, “If anyone can get you into Times Square, Frank can!” Guess where they’re standing?  50 feet from the ball in the middle of Times Square!!  Not only that, they found seats – by heat, bathrooms, and food!  Seriously, I pray his Triple-L never runs out!!!

And to be sure – I would just like to formally express my gratitude and say Thank You to the Heavens for blessing Frank {and us, because we reap from his benefit} with Triple-L!!!  So many times it is all that has gotten us through.

* Read about he ultimate Triple-L – Frank walking into the ER with a broken neck.